We welcome the sharing of historical and cultural information hitherto unknown, interesting stories of buildings torn down or about to be torn down, as well as your comments, suggestions, and technical expertise in preserving our rich Ilonnggo cultural heritage. Linkages with other cultural institutions will likewise be appreciated.

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Improvements needed on website

Feedback Type:: Enhancement Request

The layout is very clean, but also kind of bland. It makes you feel comfortable with the site because you don’t feel overwhelmed by information, but the presentation of the site needs to be worked on a bit more.

Minimal but meaningful design

Feedback Type:: Design/Ease of Use

This site would appeal to the average person in the way that it is very simply done, and everything is very easy to find. There is no messing around here, just the information that they want to convey presented in the simplest way possible. People with no technical back ground would definitely appreciate the simplicity and ease of navigation in this site.

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