CBD 02-008 ( rear of Commoner )

The parapet treatment seen in front is repeated. The rear facade is divided into nine ( 9 ) bays. Parapet is adorned by the same urn and draped plinth design but subdivided bays are divided by eight ( 8 ) … Continue reading

CBD 02-007 L J Hormillosa Building

A Post – Art Moderne structure built in 1950, it is composed of ten and a half ( 10 ½ ) bays divided by a ribbed concrete sun baffle with four ( 4 ) square piercings. Panel ribbons are carried … Continue reading

CBD 02-006 Tayengco Building

An example of the Art Deco Style, this building constructed in the 1950s, it has eight ( 8 ) scalloped parapet, terminated on both sides by scrolled panels bearing the owner’s name and the year it was constructed. Concrete sunbaffles … Continue reading

CBD 02-005 J Melliza Building

A two storey commercial building constructed in 1931 composed of simplified parapets. Its only ornamentation are pierced tin canopies.

CBD 02-004 Iloilo Central Market

Balanced and symmetrical rectangular masses, juxtaposed vertical and horizontal elements & unadorned surfaces are evident in the total composition of the building. It’s design can be attributed to the Art Deco style, with a zigurat influenced central focus.

CBD 02-003 Villanueva Building

The S Villanueva Building is a two storey commercial building divided into ten and a half (10 1/2) bays, with four (4) bays retaining the original design while the rest of the bays have casement windows. Neoclassical in style, it’s … Continue reading

CBD 02-002 Villanueva Building

Art Moderne Style in character, it is composed of 16 bays – with each bay division being defined by a simple parapet and casement windows. Simple ornamentation is limited to the frontispiece characterized by a rusticated wall and a curvilinear … Continue reading

CBD 02-001 Villanueva Building

Influenced by the neoclassical style, the design is composed of 14 bays. Each bay is composed of three casement windows capped by a fanlight flanked on both sides by panels of scrolled acanthus flourishes. Ground level elliptical arches terminate on … Continue reading

CBD 01-018 Villanueva Building

The two storey buildings is divided into six (6) bays. The rest of the building fluted pilasters on ground level and on columned pilasters on the second (2nd) level. Parapet wall is accented by pierced quatrefoil motif. Windows are capped … Continue reading

CBD 01-017 Cacho Building

The architectural legacy of Cacho Building showcases superimposed pediment decorated with shell sculpture and floral motif. The arcaded facade that spans the entire frontage of the structure is decorated with ornate spandrels of floral motif.